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Triathlon Regulations

Race participants must read and accept the race regulations. Athletes should realise that they are racing in the sea or in parts of public road and will be exposed to the weather elements on race day.


We can only accept applications from male and female athletes aged 18 or over. For athletes younger than 18, a written consent by a legal guardian must be provided, along with the presence of an adult during the race.

In order to receive your race number, a signed declaration needs to be submitted.

Only paid-up participations can be valid

Athletes need to check in to the race office, at Moraitis Water Sports in Schinias at least an hour before the start of the race, in order to pick up their race numbers and to check bikes and other equipment into the transition zone. The transition zone will close 30 minutes before the start of the race.


There 6 race categories for men and 6 for women:

Men: M1. 18-29 M2. 30-34 M3. 35-39 M4. 40-44 M5. 45-49 M6. 50+
Women: W1. 18-29 W2. 30-34 W3. 35-39 W4. 40-44 W5. 45-49 W6. 50+

Each category has to have at least 6 entries; otherwise it amalgamates with the preview category.

Route Notation

The route will be signposted at dense intervals, with signs bearing the race logo and a direction arrow. On top of that the route will be signified by strips indicating the correct direction. In any tricky parts of the route, or where the above are deemed inadequate, volunteers will be placed to direct participants. It is our aim that no athlete is in any doubt as to how they should be moving on the race route. We will endeavour to be in harmony with the natural environment and will not be using plastic tape or any materials which will burden the environment or look offensive.


During the race all athletes are covered by??? Insurance. However the organizers are not responsible for any injuries, as is also mentioned in the individual signed declaration the athletes have submitted. For safety reasons there will be, alongside the route, a volunteer rescue team, as well as an ambulance. It is strictly forbidden to deviate from the sign posted course, most importantly for safety reasons; as such deviation could be dangerous

Start – Time limits – Finish

The gun will go off at 9:30 am at Moraitis Sports, in Schinias. The time limit for the completion of the race will be 2.5 hours and 4 hours for the Spring and Olympic races, respectively

Athletes who wish to leave the race need to submit their numbers to volunteers on the course, or at an aid station, partly so that the results can be updated, but also so that the athlete can return safely to the start line. The fact that the whole route is accessible, the volunteer coverage along the course, the aid station support, as well as the support of the swim by kayak and boat raise the safety standards of the race, even for the newest of participants.

Athletes need to have been recorded at all check points and finish within the 2.5/4 hour time limit. The course will “close” when the last athlete has passed, or when the 2.5/4 hour time limit has expired. The medal ceremony will then take place, at a designated area of the club.


We would like your attention and cooperation on this topic. Both the course, as well as the greater Schinias area is in fact a National Park. For that reason we would like you to be careful when disposing of gel packaging or cartons away from an aid station. Disposal is permitted in bins by the aid stations, as well as designated areas on the bike course.


All athletes who participate and cross the line within the time limit will receive a participation medal.

Equipment – Participants’ responsibilities

In General

  1. Entry into the transition area is strictly prohibited to anyone, apart from race volunteers and race participants. Participants have to show ID in order to be allowed into the transition zone
  2. It is prohibited to receive any kind of outside aid (drafting, food/water/running alongside).
  3. All athletes should behave in an ethical manner. It is a priority and responsibility of race participants, volunteers and organizers to uphold such a manner.
  4. The timing chip has to be attached to the athlete’s shoe and the race number has to be visible for the duration of the race.
  5. Athletes have responsibility for their own lap counting, which will then be confirmed by timing chip..

More specifically:

In the swim: All athletes have to wear the swimming cap provided by the organizers, for the duration of the swim and into the bike transition. Wetsuits are optional, unless otherwise stated, if the water is less than 23 degrees Celsius. The use of swimming gloves, fins and skin suits is prohibited. Supporting boats can be used to rest, as long as they are not in motion.

On the bike: All athletes have to wear a helmet, from the moment they leave the rack to the moment they rack their bike again after the end of the bike section. The bike has to be racked either by the handlebars/breaks, or by the seat. It is strictly prohibited to mount the bike inside the transition zone or to draft during the race. Overtaking should always be on the left and all athletes should comply with instructions from volunteers/umpires. The race number should be visible throughout the race.

On the run:  There is no compulsory equipment for the run. However the kit chosen by the athlete has to be appropriate for the weather conditions. For example, a running hat for when it is hot, or some gloves when it is cold are deemed necessary for the safety of the athletes.


In case of cancellation of the race due to severe weather conditions (hail/storm) or for any other reason which could jeopardize athlete safety, the organizers are not liable to refund the entry fee.

Refunds will not be given to athletes who have entered the race but do not participate.

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